my face, in case you were wondering

my face, in case you were wondering

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"I know that somewhere upon the grass, her dragons hatched, and so did she. I know she is proud. How not? What else was left her but pride? I know she is strong. How not? The Dothraki despise weakness. If Daenerys had been weak, she would have perished with Viserys. I know she is fierce. Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen are proof enough of that. She has survived assassins and conspiracies and fell sorceries, grieved for a brother and a husband and a son, trod the cities of the slavers to dust beneath her dainty sandalled feet."
(for Julia ♥ )

I'm no ordinary woman.
                                    My dreams come true.

Dear Sir or Madam:
Soon your son will drop from the sky to engage and defeat the enemy. Your frequent letters of love and encouragement will arm him with a fighting heart. With that, he cannot fail but will win glory for himself, make you proud of him and his country ever grateful for his service in its hour of need.
Signed Herbert M. Sobel, Captain, Commanding.


This is like a round of cards against humanity

Look at them. They’re young and strong, full of life and laughter…

It will not last.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 hits theatres in 2 months! (21.11.14)

I give ye my s p i r i t, ‘til our life shall be done. [x]

Prince Rhaegar loved his Lady Lyanna and thousands died for it

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Luke Pasqualino as Grey in Snowpiercer (2013)

I NEVER wanted a n y of this.

I NEVER wanted a n y of this.


I talk to you as I talk to my own soul.


Jamie and Claire Fraser: The Wedding

'til our Life shall be Done.

"You forget your life after a while, the life you had before."